Stags & Hens (The Remix) by Willy Russell


Directed by TJ Brett


The play focuses on a group of girls and local lads who venture out for a night of pre-marriage stag and hen party celebrations. The action takes place in the Gents and Ladies loos of a tacky Liverpool club, Bransky's, (which will probably be changed to a tacky Northern Club) where Dave and Linda (bride and groom-to-be) have decided, unbeknownst to each other, to hold their stag and hen parties.


Linda runs into her old boyfriend, Peter, a musician with a single climbing up the pop charts, but who is back in the area on this particular night - playing a gig at Branskys.

Whilst entering the club, Dave, in a drunken stupor, becomes ill from the indian curry he ate (washed down with a copious mix of cider and Guinness) and spends the remainder of the evening (and the play) in the Gents, with his head down the lavatory bowl!

His mates, including Kav, and gang leader Eddie decide to take the law into their own hands when they suspect that Linda has developed a crush on Peter and may be having second thoughts about marrying Dave.






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