Bouncers (Remix)


A revised and updated version of John Godber’s classic play.



Audition Date


Wednesday 21st March @ 7.30pm Lamproom Theatre Westgate Barnsley


Director Phil Shepherd



Performance Dates Tuesday 22nd May to Saturday 26th May 2018



Audition Pieces


Hairdresser Scene pages 5 to 7






Ralph as Suzy page 16


Bouncers Page 18 to 22






Lucky Eric First speech pages 27 and 28



Audition Pieces are available from the Box Office at the Lamproom Theatre

or by email at


Bouncers Remix


Bursting with imagination and wit and presented by just four actors, Bouncers is an outrageous and hilarious parody of the disco scene. The four brutish bouncers of the title portray over twenty different characters as we are invited for a night out on the town. The evening’s events are set against the tatty glitzy glamour, flashing lights and pulsating beat of the nightclub scene.



The Characters portrayed by the four actors change just as quickly as the scenes; the core characters of the bouncers become a group of girls celebrating a birthday, lads on a night out, other nightclub patrons, a DJ and performers in a “blue movie” that one of the bouncers has hired from the Video shop.


The use of multi role playing, along with the use of monologue and the actors directly addressing the audience, Bouncers is concerned with the drinking culture of the working classes and the violence and power play that is a part of the bouncer’s profession. The extremes of sexual relationships, exacerbated by drinking and gang mentality, are examined in detail through Lucky Eric’s speeches.


The Characters


Lucky Eric:

Recently separated from his wife, Eric is a powerlifter and bouncer who often seems on the edge of a violent breakdown. Older than the other bouncers, he is seen as the wise owl and gives the impression that he is a deeper, more thoughtful, character than the others. His monologues, which regularly interrupt the narrative, show his revulsion at the way that he sees young women being regularly objectified and exploited within the nightlife culture. Lucky Eric also plays Baz from the group of lads, Maureen (“short but nice-fat but sickly”) and the buxom Swede in the pornographic film.



Eager to get in fights with the clubs clientele. He also plays Kev from the group of lads and Rosie, the birthday girl whose boyfriend is seen betraying her in the nightclub as well as various other nightclub patrons.



Involved in a bit of petty theft for extra income, Judd used to be a wrestler and was trained as a power-lifter by Eric. Throughout the night Judd seems keen to pick a fight with Eric. He also plays Terry from the group of lads and ‘plain’ Elaine, (“left school at sixteen with one GCSE in metalwork. I’m on the dole”). Judd plays both the barber and the hairdresser in the early scenes where we first meet the groups of girls and lads.



Less explicitly aggressive than some of the other bouncers. He trains in judo and is described by Eric as “Mr Inner Calm”. Ralph also plays Jerry from the group of lads, Suzy “Sexy and flashing it about a bit”, the club DJ, Nobby the Swedish postman in the pornographic film.









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