The Lamproom Theatre is proud to announce a production of

 The Hound of the Baskervilles


            This is a fun adaptation of the best known of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories about Sherlock Holmes.  Those familiar with the novel will know that Watson features much more than Holmes in this particular story.  This version is quite faithful to the original story but has a good deal of humour alongside the high drama of the “Hound from Hell”!

The play opens with a music hall melodrama version of the legend of the hound and then moves on to the ongoing mystery surrounding the death of Sir Charles Baskerville and the attempts to keep his heir, Sir Henry, from suffering the same fate.


Time ~ around the turn of the century ~ that is about 1900

Place ~ Baskerville Hall and the surrounding moorland


Casting ~


            The script stretches over about 100 pages – see below the page count for each cast member.  The script is an unusual format with lines quite widely spaced on the pages so the parts are not as mammoth as they might first appear.  It is almost like one of those large print books for people with failing eyesight.  The role of Watson is obviously major and there is plenty for everyone else to get their teeth into.  The age of each character is flexible with some matching required.


Male 1 ~ Doctor Watson ~ lead part – on for most of the play ~ 86 pages


Male 2  ~ Sherlock Holmes ~ 39 pages


Male 3 ~ Sir Henry Baskerville and also the M.C. in the music hall scene at the beginning ~ 50 pages


Male 4 ~ Doctor Mortimer plus 2 minor characters ~ 45 pages


Male 5 ~ Jack Stapleton plus 2 minor characters ~ 32 pages


Male 6 ~ Murphy and Frankland ~ 36 pages


Female 1 ~ Beryl Stapleton plus a minor male character in the music hall melodrama in scene 1 ~ 17 pages


Female 2 ~ Mrs Barrymore, housekeeper at Baskerville Hall plus minor male character in the melodrama ~ 40 pages


Female 3 ~ 3 characters – or maybe split into parts for two actresses ~ 29 pages


            The production will run at The Lamproom from Monday October 9th to Saturday October 14th.  Rehearsals will run through September and early October with a few fitted in before then where possible and working around people’s holidays – including mine!  I will carve the play into blocks so that not everyone will need to attend every rehearsal – apart from Watson of course.

            I would like to hold a meeting at The Drama Hut, Churchfields on July 26th at 7.30 for all those interested in being involved.  This will include a read round of a few pages and depending on the level of interest I may be able to go ahead and cast the play after the meeting.  Otherwise we may agree to hold formal auditions if there is sufficient competition for parts.

Please get in touch if you are interested but cannot make the date.  It would also help me to know if you do intend to come along to the meeting.  Get in touch if you need help finding the venue for the meeting.


            Contact details ~ or 07723371910


                        Best regards

                                                Ian Hey


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